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Płyta DVD Barral “The Shoulder”


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More than 40 years ago Jean-Pierre Barral and Paul Mercier started a new modality of manual therapy, called VISCERAL MANIPULATION. They were able to give new dimensions to an approach which already had its roots in the work of the pioneers of osteopathy, in the practices of early bonesetters and in methods that healers of various cultures had developed over a long period of time. Barral has published several VISCERAL, NEURAL and VASCULAR MANIPULATION books and now expands on these concepts and original techniques. This DVD introduces new ways of how to work with organs so that these interventions also effect the neuroendocrine regulation of the digestive system.

Barral introduces each technique with genuine anatomical drawings. The anatomical introductions and conceptual explanations are followed by a practical demonstration of each treatment.

An innovative approach is presented in theory and practice. The three DVDs describe the neuroendocrine effects of Visceral Manipulation in relation to the following organs and related anatomical structures:

  • the peritoneum and the greater omentum ,
  • the diaphragm,
  • the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder and pancreas,
  • the small intestine and colon,
  • the osteopathic approach to high blood pressure via manual treatment of the vagus nerve.

This DVD about the treatment of the shoulder introduces a new modality of working with joints developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO in cooperation with Alain Croibier, DO. More than 40 years of clinical practice have led to this innovative approach, which includes all the different components of a joint:

  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Capsule & labrum
  • Synovial fluid inside the capsule
  • Arteries & veins
  • Nerves

This breakthrough approach uses the presence of mechanoreceptors to work with the connection between the joint and the brain. As Jean-Pierre Barral states in his introduction to this DVD, “Speak to the brain through the joints.”

This 90-minute DVD includes anatomy, physiology, theory and treatment in a very clear and concise manner to make it user friendly for all manual therapists. The anatomy for each technique is cross-referenced with pages from Thieme and Netter anatomy books for ease of learning.

Płyta DVD Barral “The Shoulder”

Availability: Na stanie

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